Friday, April 18, 2008

The end

Well, the end of the project is coming near for our informants. My informants don't seem to care as none of them really got "attached" to me at all. One of them pretty much dropped out of the project but never truly told me. I am unsure what his exact stance is on it. The other night I went to a concert with 3/4 and had a good time. The boys are starting to talk more about the near future, like driving and going out more often, because they all passed their drivers permit written test. It was interesting to see how quickly their focus changed.

I feel pretty good about the end of this semester. I think I have some good information.
I was not in class on Thursday because I had to drive my boyfriend to the DR- He just had back surgery about 10 days ago.

OH! yeah I am also very excited to collect the journal books from all the boys, I think I will get some good stuff out of them. I plan on doing that in about one week so I have time to compile everything while doing other class assignments/finals, Ugh!

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