Sunday, February 24, 2008


Teenagers are frustrating... I am not sure if my brother really understands the importance of this project but on Friday he blew me off. He texted me early in the AM and asked me if I was stilling driving up. And I said, I wasn't sure because of the snow but most likely later. He replied with "uGH! Marelen wants to come over" And he asked me if I could possibly reschedule my hang out time, then he went on to tell me that Paul couldn't get a ride and Steve was busy. So I wasn't going to MAKE THEM hang out with me, so I let it go. I asked if Monday would be good and Kyle Mccormick agreed but the others are MIA. As a matter of fact, Saturday night I chatted with Kyle Mccormick on AIM for almost 2 hours. It's interesting because Kyle Mccormick was in all the same basic skills, learning strategies, and resource room classes as my brother but Mccormick uses little internet lingo and even uses periods and commas sometimes. Maybe I am just used to talking to my brother where it is very difficult to read what he is writing. Also, Mccormicks ideas are more mature than the other kids...

I was thinking about the time I went to the show with the boys and they were all cracking jokes about Mccormick saying hes slow and doesn't get jokes. But I think it's because Mccormick doesn't think anything the other boys do is funny. I never knew this about him at all. He doesn't drink or smoke, either. He tries to get people to stop ... I was very impressed with our conversation... I'll post a little:

parabolove (11:28:51 PM): yeah i mean, so many people, especially college level focus their lives on partying... how is it in highschool, people do it a lot?
mobgrip 98 (11:29:45 PM): ya
mobgrip 98 (11:30:15 PM): like im there but not drinking i no, when im older im ganna be the kid whos driving them home, bc ill be sobor

mobgrip 98 (11:36:11 PM): i think people act likethey do to be cool, idk y lol, i feel cool 4 not drinking or doing drugs honestly haha

So I've been thinking more and more about what I am going to focus the sections on and it's still tough to decide because I don't have too much to go on right now. But I think something with rebellion, the kids lifestyles and stuff... ehhh, it's still hard to decides. Whether I meet with the boys tonight or not I am going to distribute some questions to make sure they are doing something in those journals...


I love Lata : )

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Professor Rubenstein said...

Try and re-gain control over them. This probably is a basic problem doing fieldwork with teens, and what makes it more difficult--your brother.

Nice on Mccormick. Fieldwork gets you to see others differently--even ones you think you know.

rebellion, the kids lifestyles and stuff--maybe--but they are also rejecting drinking and drugs--no?