Tuesday, February 12, 2008


So I've been sitting around this week thinking about how exactly I am going to get this field work started. My brother and his friends are all game for it but I didn't want to just show up randomly without a plan. So, as luck would have it, my brother wants to see a show in Manchester along with his buddies. I am going to meet up with his friends at the show and probably just observe. I am familiar with these settings and have attended some with my brother, but never focused directly on what HE and his friends are doing, saying, feeling, you know what core values really lie beneath these shows (brotherhood, unity, etc) Plus I like two of the bands... : )

I am driving them home and plan on discussing the details further- then giving them all a consent form to read over and sign. I am going to encourage them to talk about it with their parents.

I am also developing various ways for me to get what I want out these boys who are so dang rebellious, and most likely not going to share inner secrets with me. (although it's a possibility, eh) I was thinking about distributing journals to them. I am DEFINITELY not going to call them journals but rather "A Day in the Life of..." And I haven't exactly fine tuned it, but was considering asking them to write at least twice a week about their daily events or just how their week is going- school, girls, etc. Anything extra crappy or really great happening?
Then once a week I was thinking about either e-mailing them or giving them a sheet of paper with one to three questions on it, obviously each week getting more into personal details, so they have a guideline to go on for that week.

In theory this sounds, to me, pretty damn good. My brother will do it but I don't want to impose or give these boys "homework".

I also was considering having them each update the myspace every other week.

And I think that is about it...

Also, to Professor R- the adolescent world paper that I handed in did not have separate paragraphs because my google docs kept messing it up, I forgot to note that on the paper- But I do know how to indent! Haha

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Professor Rubenstein said...

young boys with a woman anthropologist--not an easy stance. Careful on the posturing by them.

It will be an interesting job to break through so they can reveal something meaningful to a "girl."