Thursday, January 31, 2008

Personal details

Today's class, from what I could observe after unfortunately coming in late, offered a very insightful view of fellow classmates. Things I never would have guessed about these people. Most if not all, that I can remember, appear to be such happy caring and warm people- experiences such as those really do make a person stronger. I never like to tell other people, let alone an entire class and a professor, about my personal problems/issues/bad memories... I don't even know how people can feel comfortable doing that!
It was also interesting to hear Jasmina speak- it brought back some painful memories for me. I dated a boy, who was born in India, for nearly 3 years. We had to hide our relationship from his parents because they hated the idea of a white daughter in law, they tried to keep my ex boyfriend under their control at all times, and surprisingly enough they allowed the younger sister more freedom. It ended disastrously, but I am in a much better time in my life currently. Hearing Jasmina talk about her father and mother was just too much a reminder of such a long drawn out, emotional time in my life... And that's about as personal as I will get.

As far as informants and things of that nature goes- my brother tried to get me to buy him and his buddies 4 tickets to see "Anti-Flag" because it would be "really coool and you could like document what we say and how we dance. O U could even tape us???" My brother and his friends are excited... But I will not be shelling out over 100 dollars for that!


Professor Rubenstein said...

it was a good class, and Jasmina does bring an interesting perspective. Were you there when she told us she had an arranged marriage?
Don't spend $ on them--or just a bit.

Yes, cross cultural relationships--tough!

katrina said...

I think I was there, she mentioned it again today- 2/14. I watched the processes of a few arranged marriages through my ex's family... very interesting.

in my experience with his family they cared about two things: money and what kind of title the guy had. they were also of a lower caste so that played a big part in decision...

i actually ended up doing my social research methods paper on south asian diaspora adolescents and how the media affects them... very involved in that subject haha