Thursday, January 24, 2008


It's been just short of a year since I have been feeling fully motivated and captivated by anthropology. Let me tell you, it feels good. This project is the first 'real', although I suppose not really 'real' (professional), field work I will be doing. I always have felt that I do my own unofficial field work just by observing certain people in work, school, or various other places. But now, I actually have informants and a Professor who wants to see results. I would love if this was my only class so I could put forth all of my effort and time into it.

When the topic was assigned, immediately my brain started going through the networking Rolodex in my mind. Who can I observe? Who do I know? How old are they? Are they reliable? At first I wanted to pick my younger sister. She is 12 years old, as of yesterday, and pretty introverted. She just started making friends and I think it would quite interesting to compare her with another girl who is more extroverted. But I find this to be too hard and awkward due to the fact that she is even shy around me. I don't think I would be able to get good results from her. I honestly cannot see her opening up to me at all, which is quite sad. I do try anyway though :(

Then I realized, Wow! My brother and his pod of friends would be absolutely perfect. Just recently, about 8-10 months ago he started becoming fully involved in the "Punk Rock Scene." His friends are all good kids at heart, but trouble makers. Another good thing about picking my brother is that because I have moved out recently we have started a new relationship; a much closer relationship. Probably that of more adult like communications where he has told me "You're my sister, ya know, I tell you shit and you tell me shit, I trust ya." Never heard that from him before! He is realizing I am more than just the "Big Sister" but definitely someone he can confide in.

As I said in class today, I was fully blown away by the words said by my brother's friend Steve "Wow someone cares about me." Which has motivated me even more to pick these 'outcast' kids who are screaming to be noticed and yet reject any kind of adult interest in them. I look forward, and truly can't wait, for this to begin!

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Professor Rubenstein said...

Good stuff Katrina, and thanks for the great energy. I am going back and forth on the consent problem--lot of things to think about "real anthropology" as you say.
Let's work all this out on Tuesday