Thursday, March 6, 2008

Final section thoughts

I've been thinking about the final sections. Today in class I was just scribbling some ideas down and I decided that I should write them in the blog...

Section 1 - life histories etc
Thinking about some topics covering heroes, family relationships, hobbies, and a bit about girls. Also description of their appearance and demeanor.

Section 2- Rebellion/Breaking the rules/Questioning Authority

I wanted to talk about the allure of the punk rock life. Steve and Kyle S have talked various times about how its the lifestyle they need to have.

Then some various topics I wrote down include:
Music- the messages within, sound, going to concerts
School Rules
Societies Expectations
How they want others to view them

Striving to be 'Punk'- the "calling"
How 'punks' view drinking/parties/drugs- who fits in and who doesn't
Different punks- Posers
Brotherhood/Unity factor
-------------> where does it lead? Are they considering the future at all, jobs? what happens after highschool? Punk lifestyle= what to them?

I tried to text Kyle Mccormick but he was feeling sick... Steve is never online and Paul is online for about 3 minutes. It's hard to talk to them. My brother is giving me the most information. Because I have opened up with him, more than just a sister, he is giving me a lot of different insights.

Steve broke up with his girlfriend and has a new one, Kyle sent me her picture and I said

no values82:
parabolove: what is she like?
no values82: bleach hair
no values82: shes cool
no values82: reminds me of u
parabolove: ohh wow... i guess that is cool then- haha
no values82: yeh
no values82: she just reminds me of u

Too funny.
I guess that's about it. Tomorrow I hope everything goes well and I can see all of their rooms... I am going to post a video now, I happen to love this band. They put on an amazing show at the Trocadero last year... full of energy and crazy costumes. Anyway, the lyrics remind me of being younger and breaking up with boyfriends... It also kind of reminds me of how Professor R is forever emotionally wounded from his first girlfriend haha... and I guess we probably all are still somewhat impacted by our firsts....

Of Montreal - Requiem for O.M.M.2

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Professor Rubenstein said...

Katrina--this is excellent! I agree with your section 2. They are perfect "rebels"--interesting kids who want to break out a bit.
We have to find out what they are working against: rules/parents/school,, etc--and how they want to construct a life for themselves--near and far future.

Professor Rubenstein said...

Video: these guys had to like the Beatles!

Professor Rubenstein said...

Use the popularity idea for both life history and rebellion--rejecting regular paths?