Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Still trying...

My informants are really moody. One minute they seem to be excited about the project and the next I don't get responses back at all. I guess it goes along with the territory. I have set up a time for this Friday to get over to each of the boys houses to explore their rooms. I feel like I keep having to be apologetic about my needs to see and talk to them, i.e. "yeah i mean I know you're busy but it's just a half hour" I mean, come on!
Here's a few excerpts from some of the boys I thought were interesting:

An original song by Kyle:
no values82: see the ash falling from the clouds and everyone crowds.
my lifes work is too much tension and you just pay no attetion.
but if this is the best america can do then fuck you,i dont wanna be apart of it,i dont care,i dont care that you stare but you better not talk and just,i dont care i dont care about it.bush keeps takin lives while u sit and pay with your dimes.the death tole is high and u sit and cry gas prices go up while soldiers go i dont care i dont care that u stare,you better keep quiet or theres gonna be a riot we the poeple are sick of the lies were sick of you.
no values82: idk i was bord in school and i was wrtiein how i felt and stuff

There was a problem with my one informant Paul, who supposedly has written nothing in the journal books I gave them and was feeling uncomfortable about the room investigation, but I talked to him on Aim and got this:
Volcomskater124: haha
Volcomskater124: its fine
Volcomskater124: my walls have nothing i would feel uncomfortable with
Volcomskater124: just a bunch of flyer and posters

I don't know. I hope things pick up. I really want to use the recorder more. I am finding that the scheduling is super hard, especially because of my stuff going on with school and work. We still have some time so it should be okay.

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Professor Rubenstein said...

Good methods post--try and write up the "moodiness" of teen boys. They are in and out of the project--to be expected. They are quite interesting guys--love the song!

Good hints on rebellion above.